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Jean-Michel Brunet

Organisation and business approach

Jean-Michel Brunet is responsible for the business valuation and leverage analysis of new transactions. On the basis of reports prepared internally, as well as broker  reports , he analyses the opportunity of the transaction and estimates what the debt terms could be .

Jean-Michel has 38 years of experience. He started at Elf in Norway as head of  oil infrastructure  financing , before becoming a banker specialising in infrastructure and real estate financing. While working for Entenial , he organised the financing of gendarmeries in France through PFI and LOPSI mechanisms.

Before  joining 813,  he was head of professional financing for  Crédit Foncier , which enabled him to develop close relationships with the main  French lenders, investors,  developers and real estate advisors.

Jean-Michel has a master's degree in economics from the University of Paris I Sorbonne.

Jean-Michel is also a Senior Advisor of the bank SocFim  (Groupe BPCE).

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